About Us

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100TC Appliances is a small family owned business with the enthusiasm of a big company. We have been working hard for this company for over 6 years and proud to say that we are going strong. TC Appliances is located in Austin, TX and we provide an extensive range of used appliances in good condition and even better prices.

Our range of products here at TC Appliances is vast and diverse. You can find almost any appliance that you are looking for. From refrigerators to washing machines and dryers to stoves – we sell everything, in great condition. The appliances we sell can cater to the needs of regular households as well as real estate property managers to use in their houses for rent. Since they are all used products, we also have a lot of brand name appliances for you to buy. The appliances are clean as well as properly functioning so that you get quality products. All our past customers have been happy with the appliances they purchased and we want you to be satisfied, too!

Buying “Scratch and Dent” appliances is a great way to save money – you get perfectly functioning appliances for a low price. All the appliances that we sell here at TC Appliances are of great quality and work properly, and are tested by professional technicians. To top that off, we also offer a 60 day limited warranty on ALL our appliances. Our main priority is our customers and we do everything to keep them happy – which is why TC Appliances has strive as well as it has for 6 years.

Whether you are selling houses and need appliances for them, or are moving in a house, apartment and need appliances for your personal use, TC Appliances can meet all your requirements. Come visit us today, and check out hundreds of appliances all offered at amazing prices and a 60 day warranty. Why buy expensive appliances when you can literally save hundreds of dollars on them? For any queries, suggestions, feedback, or problems, feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!